Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things I've learned recently

I need people to care, and make the firstmove. If I fish for it it's useless.

I am afraid of success. The area where my age-old passive-aggressive tendencies survive the strongest is in self-sabotage.

here's a picture of a bucket on an animal's face:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flashpoint -- Do It Now!!!

Again, I sincerely love CBS/CTV's "Flashpoint" in a wholly non-ironic way. It's a really good show, for reasons I'll outline later.

But there's no denying this clip.

When should he comply with your requests, officers?

"Shirley, please pass me the salt, do it now.
"Daphne, arms off the table, do it now!
"This is really good, honey, I hope you make this again.

"Do it now."

Add the Audio in Post

Flashpoint, the Canadian import that will return to CBS midseason this year, is one of my favorite shows on broadcast TV.

That said, it's the delightfully obvious dubbed-in-afterwardness of the Car Crash Guy in this this clip that makes me love it so:

They really let him go to town.

More Flashpoint in a moment.

Bette Midler to Serve Jail Time


Ah, she called me on it.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Perfect Scale

From the builder:
A friend came to my home and saw this scale in my guest bath. She then commissioned me to make one for her daughter in law who has been dealing with an eating disorder for the last 10 years. The only thing I asked before designing it was her favorite color, and that is purple.

This warmth of this action and its post, and the openness and honesty that must most likely be present in the requester, her family, and her daughter-in-law, make me mist. I hope my own young family will be the type that can operate this way, if and when its times of trouble come.