Monday, April 13, 2009

Chocolate cookies

The Boy and I made these cookies tonight, more or less. I swung real sloppy on the amounts, and we didn't have any brown sugar so at Jenny's suggestion we just used white sugar for the whole amount and then added some molasses.

I didn't want to leave the kitchen to find the ratio of molasses/sugar for substituting, so I just threw some in there.

They came out really good. Also, we chopped up Easter chocolates in place of choco chips. And Buzzy donated some of his own Reese's Pieces.

Now you know all about our cookies!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Joan Collins

Reminded, by the 1987 Letterman Top Ten list "Peter Holm's Top 10 Grievances Against Joan Collins," that Joan Collins used to be to "loose woman" as Viagra is to "bone-yab", I Googled her name to see what see looked like back in the day.

Came up with this delightful piece from the Telegraph:

Joan Collins: the day I said no to James Bond

A glimpse of the swanky side of the past from someone you don't hear from all the damn time.

Sutherland/Letterman: Talkin' bout jail

Here's Keifer Sutherland on Letterman, CBS era, talking about his stint in LA County Jail. He's well candid and human about the whole thing. Strikes the right tone exactly -- not too light, not too serious. Just simultaneously light and serious.

The thumbs bit is hilarious, and he actually answers the #1 question that everyone wants to ask anyone who goes to jail. He does so without Dave even having to ask, which is nice since Dave wouldn't've. Not these days.

The dumb CBS player will throw a commercial at you before and after, I'm afraid.

Letterman Top Ten Lists, 1987-89

You're 9. You're in bed. You hear your mom laughing downstairs. What is she laughing at?

Maybe the "ashtray" you made in art class and gave her for Mother's Day. She doesn't smoke. If she did, she wouldn't trust her ashes to this lumpy fuchsia monstrosity. What a fool you are. What a fool.

Or maybe she's laughing at one of these Top Ten lists from Late Night with David Letterman on NBC, from June 1987 through December 1989.