Sunday, August 30, 2009

One week later, twitchy again

Yep, twitchy, twitchy again.

[Edit-- In fact Iw as so twitchy I never got back to this post to finish it. Now it's a week later. Wha har!]

Monday, August 24, 2009


I just realized that the inevitability of there being GI Joe movie sequels means that at some point we are probably going to get to see DREADNOKS.

What made me think of this was that I thought of Dreadnoks for some reason, and then thought up a status update taht involved Dreadnoks, and then it dawned on me.. the above.

The status update was "is drinkin' grape soda like a Dreadnok".
Yo, CBS: calling "The Good Wife" "TV's most-anticipated new drama" doesn't make it so.

Murderous at the office

It's time, it's only time, that I'm killing.* And I don't particularly have it to kill. I just get so.. antsy is maybe the closest word to what it is. I feel like I'm gonna burst, like I'm shooting forward with some kind of momentum and every time I attempt to focus my momentum on the work i have to do, I smack right into it and just skid right off its tip and back into the soft stunt cushion of the various online crap.

On the weekends I can literally go into the dining room and do pushups or something to sort of bleed off a bit of the energy and equalize the pressure a bit, but that's not an option here on weekdays b/c it's just too crowded and this isn't Google or Ion Storm or something; eccentricity isn't fostered.

*I like how I felt the need to clarify right up front that I wasn't actually killing or in danger of killing any living thing. How dangerous I expect you to regard me.