Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I have a new tiny graphics tablet

Jenny's awesome mom, Denise gave me for my birthday the macally "icecad" mini graphics tablet. How Denise osmosed that a graphics tablet was up by the top of my things I want to get list, I do not know, but this one's very nice and allows me to do drawings like this one here. And so the world may now finally move forward, assured that it's need for fine art will no longer go unfulfilled. Drawing is fun.
The device is allegedly for mac only, but in europe it's marketed as mac or windows and if you go to the company's european webisite you can find all the drivers you need to make it work on your xp machine.
The things a little squirrelly yet, but I only tinkered with the settings for 2 minutes before I had to rush into photoshop and get the vision you see above out into the world. I'm confident the little thing and me will get along just fine. Thanks, Denise! Well done, you crafty lady.

the tablet